BaumePsiadia arguta

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Psiadia arguta is an endemic shrub measuring up to 1.5 meters high. It is densely branched and the plant has simple opposite leaves. The latter are rather long  and spoon-shaped and evolve from being velvety as young leaves to sticky when they mature. The species produces terminal tiny and tubular white flowers which occur in dense clusters. [1]The fruits are dry and in the form of brown capsules.


[1] Atkinson, Rachel, and Jean-Claude Sevathian. 2005. A guide to the plants in Mauritius. Vacoas: Mauritian Wildlife Foundation.

Habitat and ecology

Psiadia arguta is a coastal plant which was previously found around Mauritius. In its natural habitat, it is now commonly found on Ilot Gabriel, one of the northern shelf islets. 


Conservation and management

Psiadia arguta is classified as ‘Vulnerable’ under the IUCN Red List. The outer islets where the species is found are nature reserves and efforts are being made by the authorities to propagate the plant in nurseries. It can be used in ecological restoration, particularly in coastal areas.

Did you know?

The sticky coating on adult leaves has medical properties, and used against many ailments, including cuts and ulcers. It is also thought that the sticky coating helped in the treatment of leprosy, when those suffering from this illness were quarantined on Flat Island.