Bel Ombre, a land of opportunity

  • Bel Ombre, a land of opportunity

    An exceptional area carved into the island’s southern countryside, Bel Ombre is both a historic area and a stepping-stone towards the future. A few years ago, the territory was purely used for agricultural purposes. Today, the region has advanced to uncover a plethora of new initiatives. After its initial development phase, the evolution of this legendary village has now begun a new chapter, set for completion in 2030.

In the 1970s, when the property – now known as Heritage Bel Ombre – came under Rogers’ control,Amédée Maingard, the then director, evoked its potential, saying Bel Ombre would be an idyllic tourist destination. This idea, however, only materialised a few decades later, when the sugar industry lost its lustre.

Fifteen years ago, driven by Rogers, the region has metamorphosed through projects that have done justice to this land of plenty. Without losing its soul or natural beauty, Bel Ombre is now a highly appealing destination with grand ambitions.

New projects are being put in place. By 2030, a second 18-hole golf course, new accommodation and hotel offerings, as well as new attractions, will form part of a whole range of emotions and experiences already offered by Bel Ombre. Beyond upmarket tourism, the region sees itself as a model for responsible tourism, placing people at the heart of one of the island’s best-preserved flora and fauna.This is a model that balances economic needs with environmental and social considerations.

For Heritage Bel Ombre, this new chapter that we are about to write has a central role for the gem that is Heritage Le Château. This built heritage, dating from the 19th century, is at the heart of a holistically-shaped estate that has always aimed to be an example of integrated development.

In line with this, we have embarked on the path towards sustainable agriculture, as a prelude to agricultural diversification which has become necessary for the region. Similarly, we explored the different ways we can exploit green tourism on the estate. Through and through, we discovered that it is key to enhance the treasures we have inherited. Finally, to promote the notion of sustainable development, we nurture the integration of the surrounding communities in our projects while working to improve their quality of life.

In the pursuit of the 2030 vision, we make use of all our skills and know-how, all while inspiring ourselves from international trends that shine a light on new perspectives. Like all of our projects, Bel Ombre draws its raison d’être from a conviction that development must be in harmony with nature and the preservation of the island over the long term.

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