Bois cycloneHomalium integrifolium

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Homalium integrifolium, belongs to the family Salicaceae, including trees and shrubs. It is a majestic tree because of its unique, slender trunk of whitish colour and dense canopy. The leaves are alternate, persistent and petiolate (have stalks). Trees and shrubs of this family produce uniparous cyme inflorescences; the main axis carries a single flower at its apex, while other flowers appears beneath it on the lateral branches. Small hermaphroditic flowers are unisexual or polygamous - with stamens and pistils on the same plant.

Habitat and ecology

H. integrifolium is endemic to Mauritius. It has a diverse distribution, it grows in dry and intermediate forests and at higher altitudes.


Conservation and management

It is classified as ‘Endangered’ on the IUCN Red Data List as the population is declining due to the loss of native habitat. This species is easy to propagate depending on the availability of the seeds and can be used in forest restoration projects.

Did you know?

Bois cyclone gets its name from the inflorescence which typically blooms abundantly after a cyclone.


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