Grey damselChrysiptera glauca

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Chrysiptera glauca is from the order of Perciformes and family of Pomacentridae (Damselfish). Common names include Damsel grey, Grey damsel, Grey damselfish, Pale-blue damsel and Dark damsel. It has a blue-grey upper body that becomes a paler blue below. It does not have any distinctive markings. It has a total of 13 dorsal spines, 12 to 13 dorsal soft rays, 2 anal spines and 11 to 13 anal soft rays[1].


[1] ‘Chrysiptera Glauca Summary Page’.

Habitat and ecology

This species is present across the Indian Ocean, from East Africa to Line island and Pitcairn islands, north of Japan, and south of Australia.  Adults are found near coral rubble or reef rocks of exposed intertidal reef flats and freshwater runoffs. The recorded depth range is between 0 to 3m. The diet of this species consists mostly of algae found on the seafloor. Adults usually form pairs during breeding. The eggs adhere to the substrate where the males guard and aerate them until they hatch.


Conservation and management

The conservation status of this species has not been evaluated yet.

Did you know?

This species can reach a maximum of 11.5cm.