OrchidAngraecum mauritianum

  • Forests
  • Mountain slopes and forests
  • Flora
  • Native
  • Endemic


Angraecum mauritianum is a plant with a long stem that can reach 50 cm long. The stem is very branched with many regular leaves, obtuse at the base with an acute apex. It produces a solitary flower at the base of the leaves, with white petals.

Habitat and ecology

This species of orchid is commonly found in intermediate and humid forests in Mauritius and can also be found in Madagascar. Epiphytic and terrestrial species grow in clumps in forests. 


Conservation and threats

It is classified as a species of ‘Least Concern’ but is protected under the Forest Restoration Project. However, its population is declining due to habitat loss and the invasion of exotic plants.

Did you know?

It flowers in January which give off a sweet scent of jasmine.

A sample was collected for the first time in Mauritius in 1822 by Petit-Thouars.

Bory de Saint Vincent wrote in his description in 1804: "The whiteness and size of its flowers, the smell it spreads, makes it one of the most interesting orchids. I will call it 'Angrec' ivory colour. Angraecum comes from the Malay word Angraek.