OrchidDisperis oppositifolia

  • Forests
  • Mountain slopes and forests
  • Flora
  • Native
  • Endemic


This is a small orchid of 25 cm high, with oblong stems. The even and opposite leaves are located on the upper part of the stem, which has a white central vein, spotted with red. Its inflorescence has two or three flowers, which are white to pale pink.

Habitat and ecology

This indigenous Mascarene orchid grows in the intermediate and humid forests and prefers the river banks and the undergrowth.


Conservation and threats

This orchid is considered ‘Critically Endangered’. It is protected under the forest restoration project and in reserves. The population is decreasing due to habitat loss, invasion of exotic species and disturbance of the soil by wild pigs.

Did you know?

Oppositifolia is the Latin name indicating that the leaves are opposite.

After flowering, the plant dies and reappears after heavy rains, and it is then easy to locate them.