OrchidJumellea recurva

  • Forests
  • Mountain slopes and forests
  • Flora
  • Native
  • Endemic


Jumellea recurve is an epiphytic orchid that grows directly on the trunk and branches of native trees in the wild. It has a long stem with leaves arranged in pairs, widely spaced and leathery. It blooms in early summer on an axillary, single, short stem bearing a tubular floral bract that at night bears a scented white flower. The curved spur is longer than the pedicel.

Habitat and ecology

Endemic to Mauritius and Réunion, it usually grows in small groups at the base of branches in the forest. This orchid likes damp and cool places and generally grows on mosses of native tree trunks.


Conservation and threats

This orchid is classified as 'Critically Endangered', found in some native forests. No conservation action has been proposed, but it is protected under the forest restoration project. Its population is declining due to habitat loss, invasion of exotic species, collectors of orchids and poaching.

Did you know?

It was recently rediscovered in the forest of Bel Ombre.

This orchid was reported by Petit-Thouars in 1822.