OrchidPolystachya anceps Polystachya mauritania var anceps

  • Forests
  • Mountain slopes and forests
  • Flora
  • Native
  • Endemic


Polystachya anceps is a robust plant, that grows up to 45 cm high, it has elongated pseudo-bulbs that are green-black in colour. Its dark green leaves are oblong and 12cm in length. Its inflorescence is 35 cm long with small golden-white flowers. The flowers are variable in size and colour.

Habitat and ecology

Epiphyte orchid growing in sub-humid and humid forests and usually on tree trunks covered with moss.


Conservation and threats

This native orchid is protected in the reserves and under the forest restoration project. The decrease in population is caused by habitat loss and the invasion of exotic species.

Did you know?

It is also present in Madagascar and Comoros in large communities.

In Greek or Latin, an anceps syllable can mean short or long. The epithet therefore refers to the variable size of the flower.

It was recorded in Mauritius in 1885 by Mark Ridley.