Pirate and treasure myths

  • A haven for pirates

    Immediately East of Bel Ombre towards the direction of Souillac, the lagoon ends and gives way to the Baie de Jacotet, a bay with a pass leading to the ocean. It is bordered towards the South east by l’Ilot Sancho. Providing both a navigable way close to the shore and a densely forested islet, the area is rumoured to have welcomed privateers and pirates and most importantly, their treasures. The myths became so prominent, as well as clues as to the actual existence of a treasure, that a search for this hidden treasure was begun by the Compagnie Sucrière de Bel Ombre in 1961.

A key

To the South of the bay lies a small cliff protecting a plain, on which blocks of coral had been placed in an orderly fashion: four in one straight line and another one at a right angle, resembling according to Paul Fleuriau-Chateau a key. Further on Ilot Sancho, there was also an anchor, and there have been speculations that the anchor and blocks where connected and indicated the way to the treasure.


The last search

The search for the treasure was reportedly started when a tractor moved a rock and fell in a crevasse. The land around the machine had collapsed and revealed a subterranean gallery. Calling upon treasure hunters and geophysics engineers, the group of amateur and professional investigators explored the 6 meter deep gallery, which took the shape of a Y. At the intersection of the Y, a vent was found. The protagonists concluded that the person who came to claim the treasure used the vent directly instead of going through the gallery, accessing it without having to move the big blocks. 

Much to the disappointment of all involved, the search did not reveal any treasure. The search was concluded, and the blocks put back into place, keeping the whole mystery around the pirates who probably hid the treasure, and the lucky chap who would have found it. [1][2]


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