Trapezium horse conchPleuroploca trapezium

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Pleuroploca trapezium is a marine gastropod belonging to the family of Fasciolariidae. This sea snail has a solid, heavy, golden brown shell that varies in size between 8.5 to 25 centimeters. The surface is covered with fine brown spiral lines that occur in pairs. It has whorls that are covered with spiral rows and thick blunt nodules. The outer lip possesses seven pairs of teeth[1].


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Habitat and ecology

This species is present across the Indo-Pacific region. Recorded depth range is between 0 and 40m. It is commonly found on inner reef flats, rocky areas where water is shallow, sea grass meadows and offshore as well. It is an active predator and its diet consists of tubeworms and molluscs. Embryos that hatch usually undergo a planktonic phase as larvae before turning into juveniles and then adults[1].


Conservation and management

The conservation status of this species has not been evaluated yet. The shell, however, is collected in many areas.


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Did you know?

The Trapezium horse conch is consumed by people, used in handicraft and also used as a trumpet when tip of the spire is cut off.