Eared Horse MusselModiolus auriculatus

  • Rocky Shores
  • Mollusc
  • Bivalve
  • Mussel


Modiolus auriculatus is a bivalve from the Mytilidae family, commonly known as the Eared Horse Mussel. The shell has a smooth sculpture and growth lines are visible. Interior of the shell is of shades of purple and outer colour is orange-brown to olive brown[1].


[1] ‘Modiolus Auriculatus’.

Habitat and ecology

This species is present across the Indo-Pacific region and Mediterranean Sea. Recorded depth range is between 0 to 25m. it can be found in rocky habitats attached to rocks and in crevices, at the littoral and sublittoral zones. It is also found in intertidal reefs, rock pools and sandy mudflats.

Conservation and management

The conservation status of this species has not been evaluated yet.


[1] ‘Modiolus Auriculatus, Eared Horse Mussel : Fisheries’.

Did you know?

This species can reach a maximum length of 7.5cm.