StarfishLeiaster leachi

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Leiaster leachi is a starfish from the family of Ophidiasteridae, commonly known as the Leach’s Sea Star[1]. It has a typical size of 20 cm, with cylindrical arms of unequal lengths. The body has no spines and colour varies between orange-yellow, bright red to reddish purple.


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Habitat and ecology

This starfish is present across the Indo-Pacific region, in tropical and subtropical regions. It is found on coral reefs at recorded depth ranges of 7 to 15m. Diet consists of organisms that are encrusted  in rocks or films found on substrates. Reproduction is asexual and sexual. Embryos that hatch from the eggs undergo a planktonic phase before metamorphosing into juvenile sea stars[1].


Conservation and management

The conservation status of this species has not yet been evaluated.


[1] ‘Leiaster Leachi’.

Did you know?

This species can reach a maximum of length 40cm.